Tecnoblend - Tecnoblend


Tecnoblend is engaged in production and trade of ingredients and semi-finished products for two professional areas: "Artisan" composed of gelato parlors, pastry shops, bakeries, production workshops and "Industrial" which contemplates baking pastry shops, bakeries and industry of gelato. We want to have a high reputation worldwide, with customers, suppliers, civil society and control bodies, generating a complete trust in our brand. We want to create high index of health products, promote the culture and the information of consumers by stimulating their awareness.


The ABILITIES we need to get our Vision and carry out our Mission are determination, persistence, problem solving, everlasting professional updating, knowledge and experience sharing, team spirit with collaboration, creativity, ability to anticipate times, ability to recognize oneself in leadership, ability to see the positive in changes, communication skills, positive attitude, technical skills to excellence, ability to self-criticism and ability to recognize the qualities of other people.

vision & mission

Our VISION is to become a producing company giving wellness to ourselves, our customers and the less lucky ones. Our MISSION is to create ingredients for the production of ice cream, pastry, bakery products and to develop customized ingredients.


The VALUES we trust are passion, enthusiasm, rightness, ethics, loyalty, legality, trust, collaboration and respect for people and environment.


We adopted energy management systems responsible for minimizing consumption and improving the efficiency of our plants to follow the idea of energy sustainability. We decided to bring some important advances to our factories: we installed a photovoltaic system that allows us to be independent for about 70%. We replaced 100% of the conventional lights with LED technology.
Energy saving is an essential factor for our initiatives aimed at increasing the eco-sustainability of the activities carried out. Saving energy to reduce CO2 emissions is the key message in the battle against global warming we want to pursue.




Vegan Ok

Recognition mark for products made without animal origin ingredients.


The Kosher certification represents the set of religious rules that concern the nutrition of the observant Jewish people and, consequently, all the relative products.

Halal Correct

The Halal Correct certification proves the applications of Halal quality standards in all the production phases.

ISO 22000

Tecnoblend complies with the ISO 22000 Certification, the most famous quality improvement standard.